Fear Free

CanyonVet Spring Branch takes pride in creating a Transparent, Fear Free environment!

It is important to us to prevent fear and anxiety for you and your pets!

In order to provide your pet with a stress free visit, we have many members of our team that have become Fear Free Certified Professionals!

We Love What We Do!

We have always been proud that we are an “open” hospital! We like to include you in every step of the way, alongside your pet! We like for you to know what is coming next, where your pet is and what the experience will be like.  We get you. There is no secret scaries at the vet clinic – we are here to help as if your pet is our own! We want you and your pet to be comfortable and stress free during your visit. CanyonVet Spring Branch takes pride in creating a Transparent, Fear Free environment! Sometimes this means coming back to the treatment area with your pet or doing your pet’s exam on a bench right next to you. Other times it is as simple as taking it slow, getting to know one another and extra treats like cheese whiz!

What is Fear Free?

The Fear Free program is a training certification program for veterinary professionals. The program offers education on emotional well-being, enrichment, and the reduction of fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. We decided to escalate our desire to provide a calm and stress free environment by offering our team an opportunity to become Fear Free Certified Professionals! We provide natural calming pheromones in the way of diffusers and sprays called Adaptil and Feliway throughout your pet’s visit. We use gentle techniques and yummy distractions to minimize stress. We have a lot of patients who love to come to the vet! We want you and your pet to feel the difference – we can’t wait to see you!

Check out www.fearfreepets.com for more information!


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