Pet of the Month for July 2020

Beautiful Rocco is one of our sweetest patients! Whether she’s getting her spa day on at our Fetch location or dropping by Spring Branch, she never fails to brighten up the day!! Rocco came to us due to a small cyst on her paw. Dr. Buntain noticed she had some swelling in between her pads. Rocco continued her medication to ensure the infection would not spread and everything healed up just fine! Rocco also loves her manicure and pedicure days with us! It is important to keep up with nail trims to prevent the nail from growing into their paw pads which can cause discomfort. Another amazing fact about Rocco is that she is also a service dog for her parents who are both retired Veterans! Rocco’s parents love her very much and are always looking out for their favorite girl! Rocco continues to spread her happiness everywhere she goes and we always look forward to seeing her!

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