Pet of the Month for March 2020

Last month, we had the honor of meeting an extremely happy Goldendoodle named Gus! Gus came to us in mid-January due to limping. The doctor examined him and it appeared to be his left forelimb that was causing him some trouble. We put sweet Gus on the anti-inflammatory to see if that would ease the pain and resolve his limping. A couple of days after his appointment, his mom decided to have him spend the day with us to monitor Gus and let him have the rest he needed, since he LOVED playing around with his sibling, Holt! While Gus spent the day hanging out with us, we took some radiographs of his leg to see what the underlying issue was. We discovered Gus had a case of elbow dysplasia, meaning the cartilage lining of his elbow joint had not developed properly. This can cause abnormal development also known as dysplasia. So, Dr. Buntain referred Gus to an orthopedic specialist who would be able to operate and repair his elbow. Gus visited the specialist for his surgery! The surgery was a success and Gus has been staying with us while he recovers! We love getting to see his happy face and wagging tail every morning! Gus is recovering very well and counting down the days until he can run wild with his sibling again!!

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An Important Message about COVID-19

Dear CanyonVet Clients,

 As many of you are aware, the COVID-19 situation is changing every day.  We promise to do our best to keep ourselves informed of the latest information and recommendations of our state and local governments and professional veterinary associations to keep our clients, staff, and pets safe while also providing essential healthcare to your pets.

The following additional changes will go in effect on Monday, March 23rd:

Curbside check in will be required of all clients at the time of your arrival to our hospitals regardless of visit reason.  To best promote social distancing, no clients will be allowed into our buildings.  Appointments for pets to be euthanized are the only possible exception and these will be considered on a case by case basis.  If a procedure or exam is needed, our staff will escort your pet from your car, into our building, and back to your car once services are performed. Please call the location upon arrival to receive instructions.  Payment will be done over the phone to limit exposure from exchanging credit cards, etc.

Canyon Lake:  (830) 964-3551 email:

New Braunfels: (830) 632-6075 email:

Spring Branch:  (830) 885-5443 email:

 Boarding pets at all locations is closed until May 1st.  Any pets currently boarding will be allowed to finish their stay with us, but no new pets will be taken into our building for boarding.

 Grooming is closed at all locations indefinitely.  Monday, March 23, 2020 is the last day of grooming at all locations until such services are allowed again by the local government.

Current options to keep in mind:

Telemedicine (email, phone) Option:  If your pet has been examined by one of our veterinarians within the last 12 months, we are allowed by law to examine the pet via pictures and videos sent electronically.  Medications can be mailed to you or picked up via curbside.  Not all illnesses and injuries can be properly diagnosed in this manner and you may be asked to bring your pet to the hospital.  Normal exam charges apply to telemedicine options and payment will be done over the phone.  Please call or email your preferred location to request this option.

 Prescription Refills by Mail:  Along with curbside pickup of refills, we are also offering to mail prescriptions for an additional $5 shipping fee.  Large items and food cannot be shipped and would need to be picked up curbside.

 Our Online Pharmacyvisit the website.

Once you select your location, select Online Pharmacy from the main menu to shop almost all of your pet’s medications.  Unlike other internet pharmacies, products purchased from our online pharmacy ship directly from the distributor to you which means you can trust the medication has not been tampered with or stored at incorrect temperatures.

We want to thank all of our clients who have been so supportive of the temporary changes we have made.  Our hope is that changes made by CanyonVet and other businesses to promote social distancing will mean better safety for everyone and a shorter time until the COVID-19 pandemic is over in our community.

Download the TVMA PDF file with more information about HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR PETS FROM COVID-19.

The CanyonVet Team

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Pet of the Month for February 2020

Sandy’s mom noticed she was starting to limp and wasn’t bearing much weight on her right hind leg. For the doctor to be able to make a diagnosis and see what the underlying issue was, we had to sedate Sandy. Dr. Buntain performed an orthopedic exam in order to get a good evaluation of her leg. It turns out that Sandy has a torn cranial cruciate ligament, which causes inflammation and instability of the knee joint. So to make sure we are on track to help stabilize her knee, Sandy has been visiting our friends over at CanyonVet Canyon Lake for her K-Laser Therapy! The K-Laser helps reduce inflammation and relieve pain and is used for many conditions including arthritis and muscular injuries. Sandy has been handling her treatment like a queen and continuing her physical therapy at home with her mom (and getting all the hugs that she deserves!!)

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Pet of the Month for January 2020

Meet Tom Selleck! Tom Selleck is a snazzy cat who came to us with puncture wounds near his tail. His wound had turned into an abscess that ruptured and was in need of a little repair. Based on his wounds, it appears that he may have gotten into a scuffle with another animal. We had to do something to help Tom out! His mom brought him in and Dr. Buntain was able to suture him up and add a drain tube to help prevent infection from getting trapped inside the wound. His minor surgery was a success and we saw him a couple days later to remove his drain tube! Tom still needed to be monitored to make sure his sutures were in place and everything was healing properly. Tom is doing fabulous now and he is back to being the cool cat that he is!

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Pet of the Month for December 2019

Penny is a beautiful 1 year old Boxer who visited us a couple weeks ago with a pretty bad laceration above her eye. Penny’s family brought her in for us to take a look at her puncture wound. After a quick surgery with Dr. Buntain, she had that pesky cut stitched up in no time! We sent Penny back home (with a small cone of shame but she rocked it!)  but a few days later her laceration opened up again and she was back at the hospital for another repair! Dr. Buntain placed a fancy drain tube through her puncture wound to help prevent the build-up of infection. A couple of days later, Penny came back to see us but this time it was to get her drain tube removed. Everything started to heal just fine and sweet Penny was lookin’ great! After that she was good as new and is living her most awesome life with her awesome family!

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Pet of the Month for November 2019

Vino is a handsome 7 year old German Shepherd who came to us at the end of October for his annual check-up! Vino received his annual vaccines and we ran a heartworm test on him, as well. It turns out Vino tested positive for heartworms (a worm that lives in the right side of the heart and causes major health issues)! His parents care about him so much so they decided to have Vino stay with us for a couple of days. We treated him with fluids and LOTS of hugs! Vino was so brave and handled his heartworm treatment like the true champion he is! Vino is such a happy boy and is on the road to getting the special treatment he needs so we can get rid of those pesky heartworms!

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Pet of the Month for October 2019

Tarzan is a spunky kitten who came to see us for his first kitten exam back in September and we just fell in love! Tarzan and his sibling had a mysterious case of loose stool. We had to do something to help these cool cats out! Tarzan spent the day with us so we could keep an eye on him and we had a blast! Afterwards, Tarzan was given the right medications and everything turned out to be perfect again! Tarzan’s mom goes above and beyond to take care of her gang of kitties and it definitely shows! We are happy he is feeling better and always look forward to seeing Tarzan and his siblings!

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Pet of the Month for September 2019

Riley is the cutest Border Collie! We first met Riley back in May when she came to visit us for her annual check-up and we sure did have a great time getting to know Riley and her mom! Things took a turn earlier in August when she had to come back to see us due to an upset stomach! Riley wasn’t wanting to eat any of her food and we just had to help this sweetheart! Dr. Buntain was able to examine her and send her home with the proper medications to help her sensitive stomach. It took just a few days to get her back on track but we were able to send Riley off with some of our yummy Hill’s I/D food and she was back on track to being the healthy doggo that she is!

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Should You Vaccinate your Pet Against Rattlesnakes?

by Dr. Ryan Bullock

I remember the frantic phone call well one summer when my brother’s wife was on the other end of the line telling me that their English Setter “Belle” had just been bitten several times by a rattlesnake (3 times in the neck and 5 times in the chest to be exact) while out on their land. My first thought was to get her emergency care, but my second thought was “thank goodness I had given her a rattlesnake vaccine 3 weeks prior when I had her in the clinic for a dental cleaning”. Belle spent several days in the hospital, but she eventually pulled through and is doing great now! I have no doubt that she would have died if she hadn’t been vaccinated.

In 2005, a company called Red Rock Biologics ( developed a “rattlesnake vaccine”. The purpose of the vaccine is to lessen the severity of damage done by a rattlesnake bite and hopefully save pet’s lives. It works by producing protective antibodies in your pet’s body that will help to neutralize the venom. It is most effective with Western Diamondback bites, but is also at least partially effective against all other rattlesnakes except the Mojave. It is effective against Copperheads, but IS NOT effective against Water Moccasins (Cotton Mouths) or Coral Snakes.

The vaccine only lessens the severity of the bite, but does not entirely mitigate all of its effects, so you should still seek emergency care in every case! Factors such as size of pet, size of snake, location of bite, and amount of venom injected all contribute to the end result. Every snake bite is different and all need emergency veterinary care!

So what results have we seen? Overall, we have seen that most patients that receive the vaccine fair better than those who have not. The patients seem to recover quicker, especially if medical treatment is achieved as soon as possible. Each patient’s case is different and factors like where the patient was bit and the size of snake seem to come into play, as well. All in all, I am impressed with the results and recommend vaccination for any “at risk” dog. I know “Belle” highly recommends it to all of her dog buddies!

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Pet of the Month for August 2019

Jack is a sweet 11 year old Australian Cattle Dog got into a little scuffle with a porcupine back in June. His parents were able to remove the quills but a few days later, Jack was still not feeling so good. They brought him over to us where we were able to give him fluids and the medication he needed to get back on his feet again! Recently, Jack had to come back to see us (not just because he loves us) due to an abscess that formed underneath his chin! What was a good boy to do!? So once again, Jack stayed with us for the day while Dr. Buntain and Katy helped place a drain tube through the area to get rid of that pesky abscess! A few days later, we removed the drain tube and with the help of some much needed rest and relaxation, Jack is healing up just fine and living his best life!

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