Pet of the Month for October 2019

Tarzan is a spunky kitten who came to see us for his first kitten exam back in September and we just fell in love! Tarzan and his sibling had a mysterious case of loose stool. We had to do something to help these cool cats out! Tarzan spent the day with us so we could keep an eye on him and we had a blast! Afterwards, Tarzan was given the right medications and everything turned out to be perfect again! Tarzan’s mom goes above and beyond to take care of her gang of kitties and it definitely shows! We are happy he is feeling better and always look forward to seeing Tarzan and his siblings!

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Pet of the Month for September 2019

Riley is the cutest Border Collie! We first met Riley back in May when she came to visit us for her annual check-up and we sure did have a great time getting to know Riley and her mom! Things took a turn earlier in August when she had to come back to see us due to an upset stomach! Riley wasn’t wanting to eat any of her food and we just had to help this sweetheart! Dr. Buntain was able to examine her and send her home with the proper medications to help her sensitive stomach. It took just a few days to get her back on track but we were able to send Riley off with some of our yummy Hill’s I/D food and she was back on track to being the healthy doggo that she is!

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Should You Vaccinate your Pet Against Rattlesnakes?

by Dr. Ryan Bullock

I remember the frantic phone call well one summer when my brother’s wife was on the other end of the line telling me that their English Setter “Belle” had just been bitten several times by a rattlesnake (3 times in the neck and 5 times in the chest to be exact) while out on their land. My first thought was to get her emergency care, but my second thought was “thank goodness I had given her a rattlesnake vaccine 3 weeks prior when I had her in the clinic for a dental cleaning”. Belle spent several days in the hospital, but she eventually pulled through and is doing great now! I have no doubt that she would have died if she hadn’t been vaccinated.

In 2005, a company called Red Rock Biologics ( developed a “rattlesnake vaccine”. The purpose of the vaccine is to lessen the severity of damage done by a rattlesnake bite and hopefully save pet’s lives. It works by producing protective antibodies in your pet’s body that will help to neutralize the venom. It is most effective with Western Diamondback bites, but is also at least partially effective against all other rattlesnakes except the Mojave. It is effective against Copperheads, but IS NOT effective against Water Moccasins (Cotton Mouths) or Coral Snakes.

The vaccine only lessens the severity of the bite, but does not entirely mitigate all of its effects, so you should still seek emergency care in every case! Factors such as size of pet, size of snake, location of bite, and amount of venom injected all contribute to the end result. Every snake bite is different and all need emergency veterinary care!

So what results have we seen? Overall, we have seen that most patients that receive the vaccine fair better than those who have not. The patients seem to recover quicker, especially if medical treatment is achieved as soon as possible. Each patient’s case is different and factors like where the patient was bit and the size of snake seem to come into play, as well. All in all, I am impressed with the results and recommend vaccination for any “at risk” dog. I know “Belle” highly recommends it to all of her dog buddies!

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Pet of the Month for August 2019

Jack is a sweet 11 year old Australian Cattle Dog got into a little scuffle with a porcupine back in June. His parents were able to remove the quills but a few days later, Jack was still not feeling so good. They brought him over to us where we were able to give him fluids and the medication he needed to get back on his feet again! Recently, Jack had to come back to see us (not just because he loves us) due to an abscess that formed underneath his chin! What was a good boy to do!? So once again, Jack stayed with us for the day while Dr. Buntain and Katy helped place a drain tube through the area to get rid of that pesky abscess! A few days later, we removed the drain tube and with the help of some much needed rest and relaxation, Jack is healing up just fine and living his best life!

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Pet of the Month for July 2019

Meet Sugar! Sugar is a sweet Maltese! Sugar came to see us for a medical exam because she had a possible bug bite near her eye. She hung out with us for the day and spent a lot of time with Alex and Brennah up front answering phones! She was such a sweetheart and we were able to give her meds to help with her scratch. Well, later that night, a scorpion got a hold of Sugar and stung her on her tongue! Sugar and her parents spent all night in the emergency room but Sugar pulled through and recovered nicely. Poor baby girl has had enough encounters with critters in the last two weeks!

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Pet of the Month for June 2019

Meet Klara! Klara is a super cute and very friendly little kitten who was found with a ripped lower lip that appeared to be an old injury! With some TLC, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics we are letting it heal. So far, things are going great in her new loving home. She will be back soon to get spayed! We can’t wait to see her soon!

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Pet of the Month for May 2019

Meet Monte! Monte is a six year old Lab Mix who just so happened to be our very first patient as CanyonVet Spring Branch! It was exciting to start our journey under this new name and look forward to meeting everyone! Monte’s dad sure did express how special Monte is to him and his wife. They said they have had many dogs but this one was one of a kind. We tend to agree!

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Exciting News

Dear Valued CanyonVet Clients,

We have some exciting news to share… we have reached an agreement to purchase Animal House Veterinary Clinic in Spring Branch! Animal House V.C. is located on HWY 281 N close to the intersection of 281 and FM 306. The clinic is approximately 19 miles west of our Canyon Lake location, Canyon City Animal Hospital, and 23 miles northwest of our New Braunfels location, Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital. We will be renaming the clinic to CanyonVet Spring Branch. We are taking over ownership on May 1st from Dr. Diron Wunderlich and will reopen under our new name on May 13th!

Dr. Stephanie Buntain will be leaving Canyon City Animal Hospital to become the primary veterinarian at CanyonVet Spring Branch. I know that many of you will miss seeing Dr. Buntain at Canyon City A.H., but the good news is that she will not be far away in Spring Branch. CanyonVet Spring Branch is a spacious, 3600 square foot, free standing building situated on 3 acres above HWY 281 N. We are very excited to bring the on time appointments, fear free care, and over the top customer service you have come to expect at our other CanyonVet locations to a new location. Our hope is that the added location will be more convenient for many of you.

Please feel free to reach out to myself or our Practice Director, Marsha Godfrey, if you have any questions. Keep checking this website for additional updates. Thanks so much for being loyal clients of CanyonVet and we look forward to seeing some of you in Spring Branch!

Ryan Bullock, DVM
Veterinarian, Owner, President

Marsha Godfrey
Practice Director

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