Pet of the Month for August 2019

Jack is a sweet 11 year old Australian Cattle Dog got into a little scuffle with a porcupine back in June. His parents were able to remove the quills but a few days later, Jack was still not feeling so good. They brought him over to us where we were able to give him fluids and the medication he needed to get back on his feet again! Recently, Jack had to come back to see us (not just because he loves us) due to an abscess that formed underneath his chin! What was a good boy to do!? So once again, Jack stayed with us for the day while Dr. Buntain and Katy helped place a drain tube through the area to get rid of that pesky abscess! A few days later, we removed the drain tube and with the help of some much needed rest and relaxation, Jack is healing up just fine and living his best life!

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