Pet of the Month for February 2021

Bali is the best behaved girl when she comes in for visits! Our favorite is how she loves to give high-fives for treats! She definitely wins the award for the best behaved girl in Spring Branch! Bali initially came in for vomiting. During Dr. Buntain’s examination, she felt something in her abdomen that felt larger than normal. After further investigation with the ultrasound, Dr Buntain saw that her liver was enlarged. Bali’s owner elected to further investigate, so they scheduled a liver biopsy. It was found that her spleen, liver, and lymph nodes were also swollen. After taking samples of cells from each, it was determined that there were no cancerous cells to be worried about. Bali was cleared medically and sent home until her next annual visit with us. All of her fans are super relieved! Bali’s mom reports that she is making a full recovery and back to her happy, healthy self.

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