Pet of the Month for October 2020

Chiquita is an 11 week old puppy! We first met her when she weighed 1 pound and was only 8 weeks old! Chiquita was having a hard time walking and feeling very weak. It turned out Chiquita had low blood sugar. Another term for this is called Hypoglycemia and this can cause listlessness, loss of coordination and potentially seizures. Luckily, Chiquita was at the right place! Katy, our Hospital Manager/Lead Technician, helped administer some dextrose water to Chiquita and after a few moments, Chiquita started to feel a little better. We monitored Chiquita for the morning and the more we got to know her, the more we fell in love! It is always important to remember how sensitive these small toy breeds are especially when they’re tiny puppies! Chiquita is doing just fabulous and is being her little rambunctious self! We are excited to watch her grow up and are so happy to have her as our Pet of the Month!

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