Pet of the Month for December 2019

Penny is a beautiful 1 year old Boxer who visited us a couple weeks ago with a pretty bad laceration above her eye. Penny’s family brought her in for us to take a look at her puncture wound. After a quick surgery with Dr. Buntain, she had that pesky cut stitched up in no time! We sent Penny back home (with a small cone of shame but she rocked it!)  but a few days later her laceration opened up again and she was back at the hospital for another repair! Dr. Buntain placed a fancy drain tube through her puncture wound to help prevent the build-up of infection. A couple of days later, Penny came back to see us but this time it was to get her drain tube removed. Everything started to heal just fine and sweet Penny was lookin’ great! After that she was good as new and is living her most awesome life with her awesome family!

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