Pet of the Month for February 2020

Sandy’s mom noticed she was starting to limp and wasn’t bearing much weight on her right hind leg. For the doctor to be able to make a diagnosis and see what the underlying issue was, we had to sedate Sandy. Dr. Buntain performed an orthopedic exam in order to get a good evaluation of her leg. It turns out that Sandy has a torn cranial cruciate ligament, which causes inflammation and instability of the knee joint. So to make sure we are on track to help stabilize her knee, Sandy has been visiting our friends over at CanyonVet Canyon Lake for her K-Laser Therapy! The K-Laser helps reduce inflammation and relieve pain and is used for many conditions including arthritis and muscular injuries. Sandy has been handling her treatment like a queen and continuing her physical therapy at home with her mom (and getting all the hugs that she deserves!!)

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